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Associate Professor Anna Perminova died prematurely


A good and sincere person has gone to Eternity. In these sorrowful days, we share the unspeakable sadness and anguish of her loved ones. The bright, kind memory of Anna Vasylivna will forever remain in the hearts of those who knew, loved and respected her, who lived and worked alongside her, whom she taught.
A young, energetic graduate of UEPA, she stayed at the academy and went from teacher to candidate of science, associate professor of the department. And though life did not go down the rainbow paths before her, she rejected the troubles of life and worked tirelessly.
Today we refer to her as a wise teacher who revealed to everyone his inexhaustible power of knowledge, who taught to recognize good and evil, advised to be sympathetic to another’s grief, a cheerful and kind friend with whom it was possible to share both joy and sadness, a responsible colleague, ready always take on any business and bring it to a goal.
Over the years of her unfortunately short but productive activity, Anna has solved thousands of problems and equations. And it just didn’t happen….Eternal memory, dear Anna Vasylivna!

UEPA Open Day and Ukrainian Cossacks Day

Congratulations to our teachers


Day of the department within the stay at UEPA of professor, Dr. Werner Vetecamp

On September 27, 2019, during the stay at the UEPA professor, Dr. Werner Vetecamp, a round table was held at which the head of the department Professor Bryukhanova N.O. acquainted our guest with the essence of the work of the department, and the teachers of the department had the opportunity to discuss the peculiarities of training students of pedagogical and non-pedagogical specialties in our academy, and Dr. Werner shared his experience in other educational institutions. The meeting was held in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. We always welcome guests!

The Night of Science 2019

    On September 21, the department welcomed the guests of the Night of Science at the Park of Educational Technologies. Guests were able to find out that they were not in a regular higher education institution, but in a unique !!! The presence of graduates of our institution of higher education of psychological and pedagogical training and the right to teach, increases the chances in the labor market hundreds of times. If there is no desire to be a teacher, then the graduate can prove himself as managers, supervisors, masters, directors. And of course, with a pedagogical education, everyone will be a wonderful, competent parent of a happy child!
   UEPA is an institution where it is possible to realize your deepest desires. In order for all desires to be fulfilled, they must be properly stated !!! And we taught our guests how to concentrate their more intimate desires and sent them on a magical journey on a wish boat in a makeshift pond or with the help airplanes of future .
    Everyone wished to get a quality mini-photo session – already feeling like a graduate of our Almater today, to form the image of the perfect teacher and just to talk and enjoy delicious sweets. And, of course, every visitor participated in the drawing of gifts from the organizers of the Night of Science and from our department, personally. We hope everyone has had fun! Looking forward to seeing you again!





With the start of the study year!