Training within the weekly 21st Century Teacher Training Workshop

Head of the Department of Pedagogy, Methods and Management of Education prof. Bryukhanova Natalia together with representatives of other leading pedagogical institutions of higher education of Ukraine underwent training within the week-long master-class “Teacher Training of the 21st Century”.

During the week, the participants got acquainted with the topics related to the university environment in the context of indicators of quality of education, internationalization, innovative technologies in education and pedagogical activity, project activity as part of teacher education, etc.

Program participants also had the opportunity to participate in an international conference on environmental education for future educators.

The 21st Century Teacher Training Project is being implemented by Masaryk University in Brno with the support of the Czech Development Agency and is aimed at enhancing the capacity of middle management staff and teachers of Ukrainian universities to train future educators. The project will last until December 2021.

Over the course of 2019-2021, Brno will host a total of 5 intensive week-long courses on topical higher education topics, namely teacher training in the 21st century, internal evaluation of higher education institutions, internationalization of universities, and preparation and participation in international projects, other relevant topics the actual interests of the participants.

After the trip, Natalia Alexandrovna organized a seminar in the form of a round table, where she shared her experience and impressions of the trip. The seminar was attended by the rector and vice-rectors of the academy, department heads and leading teachers.



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