Results of the 1st round of the 1st stage of the All-Ukrainian olimpіadi with pedagogy

On December 17, 2019, the first stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Pedagogy was held at the Department of Pedagogy, Methodology and Management of Education.

Students participated in 3 rounds of the 1st stage:

- Theoretical

- Creative

- Practical

Students showed a strong knowledge of the history of pedagogy, methodological and didactic foundations of education and methods of vocational training.

Vividly presented their creative achievements and hobbies and performed high-level fragments of classes and educational activities.

- The winners are awarded diplomas:

First degree:

Guzhva Аlona, Head Assoc. Bakatanova VB

Lyschyk Xenia, Head Assoc. Bakatanova VB

Zhirnova Maria, Head Assoc. Bachieva LO

Kichenko Eugene, Head Assoc. Bachieva LO

Second degree:

Karnauh Mykola, Head Assoc. Bozhko NV

Anna Mikhailova, Head Assist. Litvin SV

Chistyakova Alina, Head Assoc. Shemigon N.Yu.

Third degree:

Goponko Mykola, Head Assoc. Bozhko NV

Cherkashin Alexander, Head of Ass. Litvin SV

Stepanova Alina, Head Assoc. Shemigon N.Yu.

The participants of the Olympics, who took 4-6 places, were awarded with certificates in various nominations.

The staff of the department welcomes the winners and participants of the First stage of the All-Ukrainian Pedagogy Olympiad and wishes for further achievements, successes, creative realization and victory in the second stage of higher education institutions of Ukraine! Our students are the best and they are the future of pedagogical science!

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