The department history

The pedagogics department was created in March 1991 reorganization resulting from Ukrainian part time polytechnic institute by name I.Z. Sokolov. The founder is Yarmolenko Pavel Andreevich, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, bedecked with medals ” For Distinguished Labour ” and “Veteran of labour”


Prof. P.A. Yarmolenko is the author of monographs and study letter including ” The training and education pedagogical problems of senior pupils in the career center “, the “Educational workshop as an experience, problems, prospects”, “The tutor’s reference book young workers”, “Pedagogical heritage of A.S. Makarenko and school reform”, “Progressive educational establishments of vocational training : problems, experience, prospects of “and other.

From 1.09.1995 year the pedagogics department was renamed in the general and professional pedagogics department.

The first department employees were Candidate of pedagogic sciences, assistant professor Posohova I.S., senior lectors Vasilev I.B., Bakatanova V.B., Candidate of pedagogic sciences, assistant professor  Kuchmenko N.A., head of laboratory Prihodko T.F., senior assistant Podosochna T.S.44242798