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The Department of Pedagogy, Methodology and Management of Education is a powerful unit within the departments of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy. Personnel potential of the department allows to carry out training of specialists at a sufficiently high level. This is confirmed by a license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and an accreditation certificate.

The enrollment of teachers in the staffing is conducted on a competitive basis with the subsequent conclusion of contracts. All applicants receive recommendations approved by the meetings of the departments. The department heads and professors are recommended for the position of the Academic Council of the Faculty and approved by the Academic Council of the Academy.

Planning of teaching time of teachers is carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements. The volume of academic load per year is discussed at the meeting of the department. The load distribution is carried out in accordance with the scientific-pedagogical qualification and experience of teachers.

The department implements a system of advanced training (through internships or advanced training courses in other institutions of higher education), which ensures continuous growth of scientific and pedagogical skills of teachers and meets modern requirements. In accordance with the prepared and approved plans, in the last five years all the teachers of the department have upgraded their qualification.

Teachers of the Department of Pedagogy, Methods and Management of Education take an active part in international, inter-university conferences, seminars, have and establish relations with countries near and far abroad, publish their work in international publishing houses. All this contributes to the qualitative preparation of students.

The department conducts planned training of scientific and pedagogical staff. The lecturers of the department are engaged in research work and are scientific supervisors of graduate students and applicants.

The course of scientific subjects and dissertation works is regularly heard and discussed at the meetings of the Chair, Academic Councils of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy. The topic of the dissertation is relevant and corresponds to the profile of the graduating department. Scientific work provides prospects for staff growth and expansion of teaching staff.



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