Organization “School of Adaptive Management of Social and Pedagogical Systems” (SHAUPSPS), created to satisfy and protect its legitimate social, economic, creative, scientific, national-cultural, age, spiritual and other common interests, to create the conditions for the most complete harmonious development of the individual , its self-realization through dissemination of ideas of pro-adaptive management in the educational field of Ukraine; for scientific support of young scientists, graduate students, doctoral students; to provide educational services, organize and conductscientific mass events to enhance the role of science in Ukrainian society, including adaptive management of social and pedagogical systems, as well as the satisfaction and protection of the common interests of members of the Organization.
The school carries out scientific, educational and methodological work with the purpose of which enhances the professional competence of scientific, pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers of the field of education; assists in creation of scientific and educational-methodical products; assists in preparation, carrying out, processing and interpretation of experimental results; carries out project activities, including internationally; creates conditions for deepening international cooperation by expanding the participation of educational institutions (units) in projects of international organizations and communities, educational and scientific exchanges, internships and study abroad for students, students, students, pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical staff; participation in programs of bilateral and multilateral exchange of pedagogical staff and scientists; joint research, cooperation with international funds; assists in the implementation of programs and projects of different levels of postgraduate education on the basis of bilateral or multilateral agreements with partners and involvement of international organizations, associations, foundations and other stakeholders; facilitates the coordination of scientific research in educational institutions commissioned by individuals and legal entities; in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine assists in the preparation of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical staffto protect bachelor’s, master’s degree projects (works), dissertations for obtaining a candidate’s degree and doctor’s degree in relevant specialties, etc.
The founder and head of the School is Galina Yelnikova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Department of Management and Department of Pedagogy, Methods and Management of Education of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy.