Nataliia Briukhanova

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Nataliia Briukhanova, The Chairperson  of pedagogy, methodology and management of education department;  Professor of pedagogy, methodology and management of education department in UEPA

2 Education, qualification Ukrainian engineering pedagogics academy, 1997, specialty – electrical power engineering, qualification – teacher-engineer
3 Academic degree D.Ed. (Doctor of Education),  doctoral dissertation «Theory and methodology of designing a system of pedagogical training of future engineer-teachers»
4 Academic status Academic
5 Certificates, qualification improvement 1. Certificates (diplomas) 

1. The certificate of scientific internship. The topic is Informational and innovational technology in education (31.05.2018 – 26.09.2018) in Wyższa Szkoła Tehnichna w Katowicach, Poland

2. Sumy State University. Advanced training “Methods of activating the educational process: current trends” certificate SP№05408289 / 1827-20. 2.10.2020-12.10.2020

3. Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project «New mechanisms of partnership-based governance and standardization of vocational teacher education in Ukraine» has participated successfully in the round table (12 academic hours) “GOVERNANCE OF VOCATIONAL TEACHER EDUCATION: BRINING TOGETHERSTAKEHOLDERS AND MATCHING INTEREST” organised by National Transport University, 14-15.09.2020

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6 Areas of scientific interests An improvement of  pedagogical education content for  pedagogical- engineers  staff
7 List of disciplines Disciplines:1. The  vocational education and training method2. An educational system of Ukraine and  educational standards

3. Theory and practice of education  in Ukraine

4. The design of educational and vocational preparation for specialist

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9 The most important publications Scientific papers: 

1.Kovalenko D., Briukhanova N., Kupriyanov O.,Kalinichenko T. Academic Determination of Teachical Information Ortimization Due To Information and Communication Technologies/ In: Auer M., Tsiatsos T. (eds). The Challenges of the Digital Transformation in Education. ICL 2018. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Conputing, vol 917. Springer, Cham. Pages 25-34.DOL: 10.1007/973-3-030-11935-5_3.

2.Вибір технологій навчання як складова педагогічного проектування професійної підготовки компетентних інженерів-педагогів / О. Е. Коваленко, Н. О. Брюханова, Н. В. Корольова // Молодь і ринок. – 2018. – № 5 (160). – С. 12-20.

3.Брюханова Н.О., Корольова Н.В. “Основи моделювання професійної підготовки фахівців”. Збірник тез доповідей XLІX науково-практична конференція науково-педагогічних працівників, науковців, аспірантів та співробітників академії – Харків: УІПА, 2016. – С. 8.

4. Nataliia Briukhanova, Nataliia Bozhko, Nataliia Korolova, Juergen Koeberlein-Kerler «The scientific and practical aspects of interdisciplinary research in engineering pedagogy» в R&E-SOURCE Online Journal for Research and Education Special Issue 17, Dec. 2019 за результатами участі у міжнародній конференції (

5. Olena Kovalenko, Nataliia Briukhanova, Tetiana Bondarenko, Tatjana Yaschun, Juergen Koeberlein-Kerler, Nataliia Bozhko «Optimization of Curricula of Engineering and Pedagogical Specialties Based on the Construction of a Model for Structuring Interdisciplinary Relations» (Ukraine and Germany) міжнародна конференція ICL2020 Educating Engineers for Future Industrial Revolutions
23rd International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning
49th IGIP International Conference on Engineering Pedagogy, Tallinn, Estonia, 23-25 September 2020.

10 Participation in scientific projects 1. Executor of the theme of R&D HS19-02 “Theoretical and methodological principles of improving the interaction of engineering and pedagogical freelance with the external environment in modern conditions of transformation of vocational education” (2019-2021).
2. Participation in the GDR. Topic: №15-03 “Formation of design and pedagogical competence in future engineers-teachers by means of educational innovations”. (2015– 2017) 

3. Participation in the GDR. Topic № HSE – 12 – 12 – 02 “The system of quality training in Ukraine of engineering and pedagogical staff for the CIS countries of the Asian region” (2012-2014)

4. State budget topic “Creation of an innovative information environment for professional training of engineers-teachers” code KPKV – 2201040 “Applied developments in the areas of scientific and technical activities of higher education institutions and research institutions” (2008-2010).

5. Research on “Didactic bases of designing the system of pedagogical training of teachers of technical disciplines”. The topic was approved at the meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute of Pedagogical and Adult Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (Minutes № 4 of April 26, 2007).

6. State budget topic № 5-7 “Theoretical and methodological foundations of the pedagogical component of engineering and pedagogical education”, approved by the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy (Minutes № 16 of June 16, 2004).

11 foreign language proficiency level English B1
12 Administrative work The chairperson of Pedagogy, method and management of education department in UEPA


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