Bachelor’s Degree – 015 Economic and Business Education

Bachelor’s Degree – 015 Economic and Business Education

 The academic program

“Economic and Business Education”

 Specialty 015 “Vocational Education (Economics)”

The first (bachelor) level of higher education

The academic program has an international level of recognition, developed in accordance with the Erasmus + project “ITE-VET” and is based on modern methodological developments of University of Konstanz (Germany), VIENNA UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS (WU) (Austria), Università degli studi “Roma Tre” (Italy), Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (Ukraine).

The purpose of the academic program is formation and development of general and professional competences in education and economy activity necessary for educational activity in educational establishments, centers of educational services and business education, coaching activity, sale of educational services, development of the business education market and effective financial management and human potential in the educational activity.


Educational qualification: Bachelor of Vocational Education (Economics)

Professional qualification: Bachelor of Vocational Education (Economics), Vocational Education Teacher, Teacher of Economics in Educational Institutions, Economics Specialist

 Employment Settings:

business and economic activity:

manager, administrator, head and specialist of training and personnel development departments, consultant of education and business activity

educational and coaching activities in educational establishments and business educational centers:

business trainer, economics teacher in educational institutions, business training instructor, coach, facilitator, moderator in training centers, departments of staff training and development, corporate universities, educational units of enterprises

 Attendance: full-time at individual or entity expense (under the terms of the contract)

 The term of apprenticeship: 4 years

 High School Equivalency Certificate:

- Ukrainian language and literature

- History of Ukraine

- Foreign language or Geography or Mathematics or Biology

 Documents required for entry:

- application for admission to the academy;

- high school diploma and appendix with grades;

- High School Equivalency Certificate;

- 6 photo cards 3’4 cm in size;

- passport or birth certificate (copies 1, 2 pages and registration forms) – 2 pcs

- photocopy of the identification code assignment – 2 pcs;

- military registration card (certificate of enlistment office registration) (for young men) – 2 pcs.

 The person in charge:

PhD, assistant professor Kovalska Viktoriia Serhiivna

  Contacts for more information:

(057)733-78-75, (057) 733-78-42

(066) 873-64-32


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