The teaching and guiding

The teaching and guiding on a department goal-oriented for providing and upgrading of psychology and pedagogical preparation for future teacher-engineers in accordance with the necessities of the state modern economic development. 

The pedagogics department of is a leader in Ukraine in the domain of maintenance of pedagogical making preparation for teacher-engineers. 

The new conception of future teacher- engineers preparation are created with our scientists. 

The UEPA curricula for different engineering and pedagogical specialities are recommended by Department of education and science in Ukraine as a base for other institutions of engineering and pedagogical higher educational establishments. 

The improved pedagogical component of curriculum for teacher-engineers preparation is put in higher engineering and pedagogical educational establishments, on departments and faculties of higher technical and pedagogical educational establishments of Ukraine that is attributable to preparation.

All disciplines are taught fully provided with courseware on the department. The technical tips of independent work for the practical lessons, for course work and for the diploma thesis, for teaching practicum and so on are created as a help for students and Master’s degree.The teachers’ staff of department is authors of textbooks and study letter for the theory and methodology of vocational education for all engineering and pedagogical specialities and recommended by Department of education and science in Ukraine