The development of competence and study placement


Ukrainian engineering pedagogical academy holds courses development of competence for vocational training school teachers, for teachers of higher educational establishments and for master of vocational training

 The License of Department of education and science in Ukraine the series of АЕ №636420 from 18.05.2015y.

 The training program for development of competence:

 The training program of vocational education :

•Machine engineering•  Trasport • Welding • Building • Electronics• Electromechanics• Energetics •Oil and Gas Engineering • Public services merchandising • Technology of light industry • Design • Food industry • Publishing and polygraphic industry • Standardisation, Metrology and Certification • Economics • Professional safety • Computer technology

 The course syllabus is extended 150 hours and includes:

 – discipline-specific preparation

- Psychological and pedagogical preparation with multimedia, e-learning, visiting public lessons in UEPA and in other educational establishments such as enterprises, establishments, organizations.

 The mode of study – evening-time education and part time education

The time of training – 4 weeks

 The standard certificate of Department of education and science in Ukraine is given out in the end of the course.

 If the group is completed we can give lessons on the customer’s territory.

 A dormitory accommodation is proposed for residents of other cities.

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